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 Post subject: For sale: Warhammer Fantasy and 40K minis
PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:41 pm 

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Hi all,

with the prospect of an imminent move and the realization I'm never going to use this stuff I've decided to sell a large chunk of my Games Workshop collection. I'm still sorting through them (And finding stuff I'd forgotten I have) so the list may change, but I've listed what I've found below. I'm happy to take a fair offer for them, though I'll consider other offers (Old 40K sourcebooks, out of print Black Library stuff, costume bits etc).

It's all at least 6 years old (if not far more) and I've listed from which edition it came from where I remember. I'm happy to take pictures if needed.

(Unless specified all models are unpainted)

Games Day special edition Archaon on foot
Crom the Conqueror
Mounted Chaos Champion with axe and shield
Chaos Champion on foot with axe and shield

12 Bloodletters of Khorne, + Champion and Standard Bearer (2nd ed 40K style)

2 2nd ed metal Tyranid Hive Tyrants - 1 missing 1 spiny growth.
Metal 2nd ed Tyranid Carnifex, undercoated black. May need stripping

Mounted Brettonian Damsel with staff and sword
Mounted Brettonian Knight with Lance

8 Bearmen of Urslo, part painted. (I'm sure I have Beorg and the command section as well but I can't find them at the moment)

10 2nd ed vintage Plague Marines - 7 plastic, 3 metal. (1 with Melta Gun) Painted.

12(?) metal Chaos Hounds. I know I've 4 in blisters and a whole mass of bits. I'll sort through ASAP.

6 metal Chaos Marauders with flails, + standard bearer and drummer – part painted.

Dwarf Flame Cannon, with crew

Dwarf Organ Gun, part painted, with crew

Turret and sponsons from a metal 3rd Ed vintage Chaos Predator tank

Stuff I have but haven't sorted:
A mass of vintage Epic scale Eldar, including 3 Titans (At least 1's a Warlock Class), 2 boxes of infantry and vehicles (Space Marine vintage...) and a mass of flyers.

Stuff I know I have but can't find at the moment:
5 Eldar Wraithguard, painted as Ulthwe
12 Dwarf Thunderers
12 Dwarf Ironbreakers
Dwarf Runesmith
Dwarf Lord (Mordheim Adventurer)

I also have an as yet unspecified number of metal Chaos Marine shoulder pads and various bits from boxes that I've opened (The 40K Ork Boy and Fantasy Dwarf Warriors box sets if I remember correctly). If you have any requests I'm happy to dig through the bits.

Any questions PM me! I'll be at the next LARP if you want to pick them up, or can meet up or or post, whatever's easier. I'll keep this thread updated with what's been sold or called dibs on.

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 Post subject: Re: For sale: Warhammer Fantasy and 40K minis
PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:50 pm 

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Don't worry about this it's too fiddly, but if that Ork Boyz box is the one that was released for 3rd ed. (The Boyz look the same as those in the most recent box but have separate arms and weapons rather than the shootas and stubbas being cast onto the hands), I'd be interested in any shootas of the style that have the drum mag.

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