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The concept for The Unbound was originally created by James Layton, whose previous roleplaying projects included Sincity Live Action Roleplaying & World of Cynn. It quickly became apparent that a project the size of The Unbound would require multiple designers and so James quickly recruited Luke and Pat to the design team. From there the game began to take shape organically, with the ideas flowing easily.

The decision was made to hold a proof of concept game before commiting major resources to the game, and therefore a weekend in early December 2010 has been picked out for this trial.


The Design Team

James has been a roleplayer for 25 years and started wargaming in the early 90s when Warhammer 40,000 first came out as Rogue Trader. A player and designer of several successful gaming campaigns, James created the Sincity Live Action Roleplaying Game in 2000 based around the World of Darkness setting created by White Wolf. Sincity ran successfully for several years before concluding in 2005. Later on that same year, James created a new Live Action project under the Sincity banner called The World of Cynn, a fantasy game based on Dungeons & Dragons. The World of Cynn came to a close at the start of 2010, and James' intention was to not begin anymore large scale projects. However, the bug once again bit him later in the year and the ideas for The Unbound began to form.

James currently holds a position on the executive committee of the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association, a body dedicated to growing the roleplaying community within Sydney through the promotion of events and distribution of information regarding existing groups, clubs & retailers. In this capacity, James has been on the organising committee for several successful Sydney conventions including EYECON & SYDCON.

In addition to his gaming interests, James has also been heavily involved with theatre. The founder of High Explosive Theatrical Productions, James is a licensed theatrical armourer and has also done extensive work with audio/visual design, special effects and fight choreography. James' acting credits are limited however, as he tends to work more behind the scenes. Professionally James is a security consultant working for one of Australia's largest security electronics groups.


Biography coming soon.


Patrick has been playing and GMing roleplaying games and even organising conventions since before it was socially fashionable. He has been published by Hogshead Press and Dream Pod 9, and continues to shamelessly flog his own PDF titles via Better Mousetrap Games. Suffering from severe vertigo, he uses RPGs as a safe alternative to actually riding on the backs of real dragons or travelling through the Warp.

When encountered at home he has a low Treasure Type, but having just acquired Harry Potter's magical invisibility robe on EBay he plans to rectify that shortly.

If you want to talk wargames he will try to convert you from 40K to Infinity, but just nod your head and smile and it will all be over very quickly. Regardless of the game he is infamous for his twisted rules interpretations (as published in White Dwarf), which several magistrates have also discovered to their chagrin. If you want to talk grimdark 40K canon he has the ability to relate everything back to Dan Abnett and explain why Dan Abnett is the best science fiction writer since Ian M. Banks (although not as good as earlier writers like Lem) and why Necron's are really the 'Culture' in it's most extreme form.

When not gaming he is an amateur metal worker (iron/steel) and parent (children). When not gaming, metal-working, or parenting, he works on various high-tech projects, tenders, and contracts. The only shows he will watch on TV are the Gruen Transfer, Mad Men, and Hungry Beast. Everything else must be torrented!


Professional Information
High Explosive Theatrical Productions
Initially formed in 2000, High Explosive has been involved in a number of professional productions, providing staff and expertise in a variety of fields including theatrical weapons & training, fight choreography, pyrotechnics, costuming, set design, lighting & sound design, special effects, and production safety.

Although the company has seen limited trade in recent years, it still provides insurance for live action gaming events, specifcally The Unbound.